What's more fun than a giant cookie? 

8" chocolate chip cookie with a personalised message for £18

You can also grab 12 normal sized cookies just as they are, or to accompany the giant one!

Let the party begin!


These mini cakes are the perfect little customizable treats.

You can order them in a lot of different flavours and decorations!

Box of 6 for £17

Box of 12 for £30


These brownies will snatch the attention at any party! 

You can choose one or two of the following flavours: oreo, biscoff, peanut butter, raspberry, cherry, chocolate &hazelnut

Gluten free option available


Brownie tower has 12 fudgy slices for £25.


These luscious little treats are a guaranteed hit with coconut lovers!

Moist coconut sponge squares dipped in rich chocolate sauce and desiccated coconut.

Box of 12 for £17

Box of 24 for £30


The ultimate fan favourite! 

Perfect for an afternoon tea treat or as a special gift for any occasion!

Box of 10 for £18 or box of 15 for £25

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