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Hi! I'm Reni and I created the Sweet Fox Cakery!

I became vegan in early 2018 and after a short period of "facing the cold hard truth" depression I realised I can make changes for the world I want to live in.


I can do it through cakes!

I can show everyone vegan cakes are awesome!

I can show everyone vegan life is not just eating salad!

I can even make my fellow vegan's lives even better!

My cakes are fun, unique, sometimes a little freaky, but always truly delicious.

The inspiration for them came from the things I like, and I've created a repertiore of cakes everyone can choose from.

There are references from spooky movies, rock & roll or the drag scene.

The name and the logo (which I draw and I'm very proud of thank you) was inspired 

by my little foxy faced corgi, Wendy.


Vegan cakes aren't just for vegans.

If you're in charge for a vegan friend or family member's birthday cake...

Maybe you have lactose intolerance or egg allergy...

Or you're just curious and want to try something different...

...I've got you!

My ultimate goal is to prove vegan cakes are better than "traditional" ones, and I guarantee you not a single soul could tell they're eating a vegan cake!

Every time you choose a vegan cake, you save chickens and cows from exploitation.

You choose to save water, land and food.

You choose peace, freedom and life.

So go ahead and treat yourself, while you're treating the animals right!

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