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Hi! I'm Reni and I created the Sweet Fox Cakery!


I was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, living in Bournemouth since 2015, with my husband and two pups


You can call me René, whatever works


I was born in 1989 so straight up 90s early 00s baby here! That was very millennial of me I’m sorry.


Got my love of baking from my great grandma, who had to feed her kids during ww2 with only soups and some baked goods for that carb load! It’s really crazy what you can do with a little flour


When I was a kid she baked lots of elaborate cakes and pastries, I’ve spent every day after school there, and there was always something fresh for me, I was in heaven oh yeah! 


Isn’t it beautiful you get to dip into that heritage via my cakes?!

From necessity to pure enjoyment!


Cakes for me equals care and love, and of course the sweet taste of sugar altered my brain forever


I’ve graduated from business school and worked at a bank but soon realised this makes no sense for me.


I wanted to create something more physical, and here comes baking as a career!


It was also the time I’ve moved away from home with my now husband and had a kitchen all to myself, so you better believe I was unstoppable baby!!


Quick pastry school detour, couple of pastry chef jobs, moving abroad and here I am.


Turned vegan in 2018 and it kind of clicked, I can make vegan cakes and therefore promote veganism and treat my fellow vegan pals at the same time what?!


After a lottt of procrastination I’ve finally officially opened my home-based micro cakery, Sweet Fox in 2019 in our rental apartment.


Baking, especially home baking is highly glamourised, it is hard work, I’m standing in the kitchen all the damn time and the stress of being the owner and the employee and everything in between at once is also a lot.


I’ve definitely learned a lot about time and task management, and still learning about boundaries and respect for myself


I’m a recovering people pleaser so saying no to cakes I physically cannot fit in my schedule is very hard for me, I mean come on it’s someone’s birthday! Birthday!!


This is why I’ve been thinking to expand and have a little workshop perhaps to get some help and more space, but in the current economical climate it is absolutely out of the picture for now, so I just have to accept it and stay very exclusive a bit longer


I am now doing this full time, constantly worrying about my livelihood, but generally having a good time


I love to dip into my creative side with the cakes, but I’m also a list girly so enjoy planning for the weeks of baking ahead as well, and then turn my imagination into cakes!


I’m so excited to hear all about their/your favourite flavours, colours, animals, their milestones and achievements from you and put it into cake form I just think it’s so adorable


I mean look at us silly humans getting another silly human (or treat ourselves to) a silly pile of flour and sugar to celebrate


Whenever I’m super exhausted, you arrive to collect your cake and I can see the joy on your face, I always hop back to the kitchen ready to start another one straight away! To be a part of something special so rewarding


So come on get a vegan cake for yourself for your friends, lovers, family I’m here for you the best I can  

My goal is to prove vegan cakes are awsome and there is absolutely no need to

exploit animals and our planet for a dessert.


Every time you choose a vegan cake, you save chickens and cows from exploitation.

You choose to save water, land and food.

You choose peace, freedom and life.


Is everything you do vegan?

Yes, always and forever!

Is this a registered business?


My kitchen is registered with the council and have a 5 star hygiene rating. I'm also a professionally trained pastry chef since 2014 and have my own food safety and hygiene level 2 certificate.

Do you have a shop front?


It might be in the cards for the future. For now it's order and collect from my home.

Do you offer delivery?


 I can't drive (I know it's lame) nor do I have a car. If you can't collect or arrange a courier, I might be able to arrange something for a fee but it's super last resort.

Can you post things?



 It's local collection only. I'm a control freak and it kills me I can't take responsibilty for postal services.

Do you do novelty/fondant covered/shaped cakes?



The main thing about my cakes is the flavour and that it looks appetizing. If you're looking for a fondant covered cake shaped like a firetruck this is not your cakery soz. Not to worry, I can make themed cakes within my own style!

Can you work from references?



If you send me reference photos I can definitely use them as inspiration but I will put my own spin on it. I don't copy cakes as it's not only disrespectful to the original creator but I also like to think you come to me because you like my work and style.

Are you doing wedding cakes?



Please look for more info at "wedding" menu. I only book couples for the same year though, not years ahead sorry.

Are you doing small bakes like brownies, cookies etc.?



Have a look at my small bakes selection at "bakes" menu.

Do you do markets?



Only in my area of course. Keep an eye out on my socials for upcoming events.

Can you put non vegan chocolates/decoration on cakes if I supply them?


Absolutely not.

You can do whatever you want with your cake once it's in your hands, but just so you know, the vegan gods will not be happy with you.

How far in advance do I need to order a cake?

Please give me as much notice as you can, celebration cake slots are usualy taken 1-2 week ahead, weekends are especially busy. Whenever you know you'll need a cake it's best to let me know immediately to avoid disappointment.

Can you accept last minute orders?

It's worth to ask you might be lucky but no promises! Same day cakes are not available. If you ask for giant cookie, brownie stack or cupcakes, it is more likely I can run to your rescue.

How long does your cakes keep?

My cakes generally keep good for 4 days on room temperature, granted it's covered and away from direct sunlight. Cakes with fresh fruit decoration should be collected on the same day it's eaten, but if it's only decoration you can pick them off and then they'll keep longer. My cakes should not be kept in the fridge as it dries them out.

Can I freeze your cakes?

Yes you can, I bake everything fresh to give you this option. Wrap up your leftovers well and you can enjoy them within 3 months.

Can you do sugar free?


My goal is to make undetectably good vegan cakes, if it's also sugar free, people will blame the unique texture/taste on the fact it's vegan and it can put people off of them. Not fair.

Can you do gluten free?


I can use gluten free ingredients and avoid cross contamination to the best of my ability, but please note that I do have and use gluten in my kitchen.

Can you do soya free?


I can use oat milk instead of soya milk, it will have a different texture though so I would't advise this option if there are no allergies.

Can you do nut free?


I can make sure I don't put nuts into the cakes and avoid cross contamination to the best of my ability, but please note that I do have and use all kinds of nuts in my kitchen.

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